NYC jobs available for retired city employees, make up to $35K for part-time work


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — If you’re a retired city worker seeking a new job, your former employer — the Big Apple — may have something for you,

The New York City Department for the Aging has launched Silver Stars, a new work program for retired city employees to return to work at city agencies and support city business needs.

By enlisting experienced city civil service retirees, Silver Stars allows city agencies to staff their workforce with talented, skilled professionals, while also providing agencies with cost-saving measures and an expedited hiring process.

“What better opportunity for our retired city employees who wish to and can return to the work force to do so via the Silver Stars program through our Department for the Aging,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “The skills, knowledge, and expertise our retirees acquired while working for the city for years will benefit the work our agencies continue to do every day, while also allowing us to be more age inclusive and to diversity the workplace.”


Silver Stars employees work part-time and are assigned projects that are typically a year long, based on the agency’s needs. In addition to providing their talents and skills, Silver Stars also support organizational growth by sharing their knowledge and experience with newer employees.

“With individuals living longer than ever before many older adults, whether because they want to or out of necessity, are working later into their lives. The Silver Stars programs not only gives older adults an opportunity to find work, but also allows the City to benefit from the extensive knowledge and skills they bring to agencies” said Department of Aging Commissioner Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez. “Our workforce efforts continue to have a positive impact on the lives of older residents and I want to applaud the city’s commitment to this program.”

Silver Star employees may earn up to $35,000 per year, and will continue to receive benefits from the city pension system. Participants must be fully retired from city employment, receiving a pension from a city retirement system, have no remaining sick or vacation time balance and unless the job posting specifies otherwise, a resident of New York City, according to the Department for the Aging.

The Department for the Aging is working with the Office of Management and Budget to post positions quickly and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to make sure city agencies are aware of how to hire a Silver Star.

“The Silver Stars program is a win-win: providing retired New Yorkers the opportunity to continue to help children and families, while enabling ACS to continue to benefit from their skills, knowledge and historical knowledge,” said Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner Jess Dannhauser.  “ACS is grateful to all of our Silver Stars, and to the Mayor, OMB and DFTA for their support for this essential program.”

The Silver Stars program builds on the success of the Department for the Aging’s Older Adult Employment Program, where there are already several programs that support connecting older New Yorkers to workforce opportunities.

City retirees looking to become employed through the Silver Star program can email, or call Aging Connect at 212-Aging-NYC (212-244-6469).



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