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Sinch is a one-stop-shop for varied business communication requirements. This company touched a record monthly higher number of customer messages in October 2020.  Sinch allows their clients to reap the advantages of instant communication with a dynamic range of channels. The multichannel communications platform of Sinch is designed to aid business organizations in overcoming distinctive communication challenges to enhance experience and engagement.

Sinch equips its clients with a wide range of tools that they might need to increase the communication capabilities in one easy-to-use platform.  They provide a number of tools that elevate team collaboration and streamline communication. Right from a range of chat options to voice and text messaging, Sinch is designed with the contemporary business environment in mind. This makes them a dependable solution for companies looking to improve their marketing efforts and communication processes.

SMS solutions

With Sinch, enterprises can avail robust global messaging platform and APIs that allow their business to connect with customers in 200+ countries. They offer a broad suite of messaging services, including Campaign Manager, Verified Messages, OTP, Traffic Analyzer, Custom API, and two-way messaging. These secured and analytics-backed communication solutions aid Sinch in accelerating the productivity levels of their clients. 

Mesoka is a cutting-edge Campaign Manager that is backed by the highly robust SMS push platform of Sinch. It is currently one of India’s favorite solutions in the marketplace for SMS marketing. Mesoka supports multiple file formats and allows companies to send bulk messages for strategizing their campaigns and generating maximum engagement. It comes with a single click message sending provision, making swift communications simpler. With Mesoka, companies can also avail an intuitive dashboard that offers crucial insights from campaigns. One can easily create, compare, and analyze their campaign performance with the assistance of this tool.  Mesoka’s user hierarchy model enables the main administrator to create multiple child users with an option to give each of them a separate control, which makes it easier to organize a campaign.

Automated and personalized voice communications

Sinch offers a suite of intelligently designed applications that effectively adapt to their clients’ requirements. The key voice messaging services offered by them include Outbound Dialing, Inbound Dialing, Missed Call, and Voice OTP. By leveraging state-of-the-art tools and SaaS technology, the voice platform of Sinch provides competent turn-key applications to increase productivity.  They deliver a personalized customer experience for enhanced revenue streams, improved business, and sharper engagement.

With Sinch, the infrastructure uptime of an enterprise is guaranteed. In the event of any disaster or accident, Sinch assures swift disaster recovery where database and voice services are backed up. Voice calls can be easily sent over a pool of telecom lines providing redundancy and failure tolerance.

Enabling smart two-way conversations with WhatsApp Business

Sinch is an official partner of WhatsApp. This makes them perfectly positioned to support their clients in every step of deploying a feature-rich WhatsApp Business solution.  The powerful AI Conversation Platform of Sinch makes sure that their clients enjoy an enterprise-grade solution from day one. This AI Conversation platform provides a secured, scalable, and reliable solution that can be integrated with the end points of an enterprise.

The AI-powered conversational platform of Sinch offers an integrated WhatsApp Chatbot service where users can chat on WhatsApp channel. They have an in-house chatbot platform built on NLP and AI that is already integrated with WhatsApp business solution. This WhatsApp solution can seamlessly integrate with any of the existing chatbot platforms of their clients. Establishing long-term relationships with customers becomes easier for companies while making use of WhatsApp Chatbot service. They get to roll out rich and engaging content in various easy-to-consume formats such as carousels, location pins, and buttons, contributing to an increase in customer lifetime value.

Sinch clients can also integrate WhatsApp communication with their Live Agent solution to offer a seamless user experience. At any point in the flow, companies can configure to hand over the chat to a live agent interface. Sinch Live Agent provides a comprehensive communication channel that the live agents can use to answer queries posted by the users on WhatsApp.

Chatlayer for effortless and scalable engagement

Chatlayer is an innovative SaaS AI chatbot platform from sinch that enables intuitive, personalized, and interactive communication. It is a multilingual, multichannel bot through which companies can delegate time-consuming and repetitive customer service tasks to a chatbot. Hundreds of enterprises worldwide have achieved the results they wished to see by leveraging such a solution.  Companies can expect to enjoy 10x engagement and up to 50% cost optimization subsequent to availing this solution.

Axiom: Industry-leading on-premise communications platform

Sinch enables its clients to benefit from industry-leading, on-premise enterprise communications platform like Axiom. This platform is listed in Nasscom’s “Excellence Product Matrix” and deployed at leading banks in India. It is also the first of its kind communications platform to offer many capabilities in terms of flexibility, security, and readability. Axiom empowers enterprises to send real-time messages to its customers via SMS, email, and WhatsApp. It connects with multiple service providers and departments of an enterprise via unified API.

Omnichannel marketing automation through Credence

Sinch clients benefit from Credence’s advantageous features, which facilitate context-led customer engagement journeys. Through Credence, companies can easily reach out to their customers via multiple channels and ensure consistency in communication across all of them. This helps in driving improved ROI. With support for onsite, private/public cloud deployments, Credence provides complete control to enterprises to opt for the best-fit model, depending on their business requirements and concerns.

Sinch is an ISO 27001. Certified company that caters to organizations belonging to diverse sectors and industries. Their client list comprises of a number of banks, e-commerce brands, and retail companies, including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, OLX, Flipkart, Amway, and Royal Enfield. In addition, Sinch also serves certain public sector organizations, including the Indore Municipal Corporation.

People can for inquiries, contact the Sinch (India) head office at +91 120 6139000. Visit our webpage

About the company:

Sinch provides a varied range of competent and technologically advanced communication solutions tailored to the needs of modern business organizations. Eight out of 10 largest US-based tech companies are their customers. Sinch solutions can reach all mobile phones across the world.

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