The Future of Email as a Business Communication Tool Examined


Future of Email

Email delivers convenience, provides an information trail, and gives users control over their messages. The future of email appears bright. But as email evolves, businesses must adapt.

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and email expert, examines the future of email as a business communication tool in a new article. The informative article first relates modern email challenges, including clogged inboxes, spam, email security, and regulatory compliance.

The author then explores current and future uses of artificial intelligence in email, including decluttering inboxes and automating responses. He then discusses the role of automation in improving email efficiency and compliance. He concludes by encouraging email marketers to personalize content and adapt more to mobile email access.

“Email delivers convenience, provides an information trail, and gives users control over their messages,” stated Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects. “The future of email appears bright. But as email evolves, businesses must adapt.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “The Future of Email as a Business Communication Tool.”

Email Challenges

“Email bloat has become a significant problem. Clogged with thousands of emails and attachments, inboxes grow to unwieldy sizes. To compound the problem, 45 percent of email traffic involves spam messages. For legitimate email marketers, this makes reaching their intended targets even more difficult.”

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Email

“AI conjures up images of robots. But it already plays a significant role in email, as well. For instance, many email programs will pop up a reminder if a user tries to send an email without attaching a needed file. They also provide instantaneous email editing and wording suggestions. And email filters use AI and machine learning to analyze patterns that indicate spam.”

Automation Makes Email More Efficient and Effective

“Automation proves essential to email security and regulatory compliance, as well. For instance, administrators increasingly depend on carefully defined email policies to automatically enforce retention policies. Policies can also prohibit inappropriate sharing of sensitive information.”

Email Still Essential Marketing Tool, But Marketers Need to Adapt

“According to a recent report, email marketing continues to deliver a hefty average ROI of 3800 percent. But to get the most out of email, marketing strategies need to grow with the technology. For instance, customers expect personalized content and respond to it with greater conversion rates. Interactive elements and video content also boost engagement.”

Optimize with Email Expert Partner

Organizations that manage email well harness its power to drive business communication and marketing. The email experts at Messaging Architects have the tools and experience to make that happen. Contact them today to learn more about strengthening email policies, optimizing email administration and automating regulatory compliance and email security.

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