Email productivity, SAPSecurity and business communication among top surging skills of


Upskilling and re-skilling has always been crucial to stay relevant in the dynamic workplace. However, it has become all the way more important amid the coronavirus outbreak. Employees are exploring new learning avenues while grappling through the work from home situation.

A report released today by Udemy for business analyses and shares the top trends based on data from the learning behaviour of thousands of global employees using the platform.

The report – ‘What the world is learning at work: March top in-demand job skills’– states that there has been a 191 per cent increase in the demand for manufacturing. Similarly, 223 per cent and 234 per cent surge has been observed for courses related to financial services and consulting services, respectively.

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The report also highlights the top 10 surging technical skills, which include customer experience management, ITIL 4 Foundation, SAPSecurity, Blazor, CompTIA Linux+, Quantum Computing, Cryptocurrency, Microsoft DP-201, COBOL and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Similarly, employees are also keen on honing their soft skills. The list of top 10 surging soft skills include email productivity, growth mindset, business communication, resilience, creative writing, work-life balance, team building, office politics, assertiveness and difficult conversations.

Between February and March 2021, there has been a 290 per cent increase in topic consumption of email productivity and 111 per cent increase in growth mindset related learning material on Udemy for business platform.  Similarly, learning material related to Customer Experience Management has seen 532 per cent content consumption and ITIL 4 Foundation has observed 424 per cent surge.


Read More: Email productivity, SAPSecurity and business communication among top surging skills of

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