Redefine Your Desk Phone: Fanvil Releases Groundbreaking V Series IP Phones for Business


Shenzhen, China – December 20, 2021 – Fanvil, a leading global Audio& Video -IoT device provider, today announced globally its all-new flagship smart video phone V67, a perfect combination of elegant outside and powerful inside.Fanvil, a leading global Audio & Video – IoT devices provider, today is thrilled to officially announce its all-new V series IP phones, a perfect combination of elegant outside and powerful inside.

Among the standout innovations is Fanvil flagship video phone V67, featuring an adjustable touch screen and the cool lighting keypad. Fanvil V67 brings a new approach to intelligent business communication and offers a refreshed user experience.

Louis Chen, Executive President of Fanvil, said, “Intelligent business communication is ushering in an exciting new era of smart IoT technology. Fanvil has invested a significant amount of time and efforts into coming up with a more efficient and integrated approach to extensively apply communication devices and solutions to rich application scenarios. We believe, Fanvil V67 will bring the business communication experience to a new level.”

Cool Lighting Color, Show Off Your Keypad

The inspiration for cool lighting keypad in V67 comes from the luxury car interior. The flow lighting not only pleases your eyes but also improves your work efficiency as a status indicator.

Antibacterial Surface Protection

Antibacterial material of the handset and keypad surface effectively inhibits more than 99.5% of bacteria growth. We protect your health during the special period.

Adjustable Touch Screen, Enjoy Your View

The adjustable touch screen can easily adapt to the different visual angles of users. Featuring a built-in HD 5-megapixel camera, V67 delivers you an enjoyable video communication experience.

Audio/ Video Mixed Conferencing, Connect More

With HD audio and video, V67 supports 10-party audio conferencing (including 2-party video call) or 3-party video conferencing, providing high-efficient team communication and collaboration.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, Wireless, Limitless

Don’t limit yourself in the seat! Stand up and continue your work with a wireless V67 phone and a wireless Bluetooth headset. Moreover, you can enjoy your video conference on a bigger screen via Miracast.

Available to Link with Security Products

Compatible with SIP standards and major mainstream platforms, V67 can be easily customizable in various security solutions.


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