Can I automate my business communication? Should I?


Communication methods are forever evolving. Over the last few years, more and more social media channels have appeared each with its own user interface and behaviour in the way data is exchanged.

In 2021, with over 75% of the people on the planet using a smartphone, messaging apps are changing the way people share information. More consumers are shifting social activities from public view to a more private setting, which has given rise to more meaningful connections and engaging experiences between businesses and customers.

Smart companies are beginning to transition to asynchronous messaging on their own branded channels such as websites and mobile apps. When it comes to the crunch, it doesn’t really matter what channel a customer picks because, with fully integrated systems that automate business communication, companies are now able to manage everything in a single place.

Circling back then, the answer is a resounding yes, you can automate your business communication and you absolutely should.

You would not be alone either. This is a brand-new frontier for companies of all sizes to use the power of software to centrally manage different messaging channels. And while new channels will continue to appear, if your digital engagement infrastructure is set up correctly with an abstraction layer built between your business and digital channels, then it will not be difficult to adapt as the market changes.

Thus you can always be present where your customers are now, and where they go in the future.

If you are serious about future-proofing your business and staying relevant and connected, then the time to explore this further is right now. What steps can you take to embrace this all-encompassing technology built to handle the scale, diversity, security and innovation across a digital landscape?

A few good reasons to automate business communication

When a customer is considering buying your product or service, keeping the conversation flowing easily is key. Most customers want to be able to use messaging to ask common questions, which include operating hours, stock availability, return policies, etc.

Facilitating these customer needs generally means a bigger staff complement. When you use cutting-edge artificial intelligence or chatbots to handle and solve the most common questions your customers have, the need for human resources is greatly reduced. Plus you enjoy the added bonus of having some of your business operations running 24/7 to meet customer demands.

Customers need to be given the option to make decisions on their preferred channel. This is based on factors like their age and demographic as well as the type of issue they are experiencing. Queries that are not time-sensitive can be managed by a chatbot or through e-mail communication, but when it comes to something that a customer needs immediate action on, the worst way to handle the customer’s issue is to force them to wait for assistance. This is when something like Live Chat or social messenger come into their own.

Automated data analysis of the types of questions your business most often deals with, as well as keeping the age and location of your customers in mind, can also bring you valuable insights on which channels your customers prefer. Knowledge is power, right?

While it’s essential to be focused on the needs of your customers, one must always remain cognisant of budget constraints and operational costs in offering automated multi-level or omnichannel communications. Fortunately, when you partner with messaging experts like Cellfind, you can be assured of a platform that offers your customers the channels they love, at a cost that you’ll love.

Integrated approach to automate business communication

As you may have now realised, communicating with customers can be a bit of a minefield, particularly with different channels carrying their own set of complexities.

Engaging with customers on the channel they prefer is important as not only does it make their day, but it makes good business sense to both retain existing customers and entice new customers to shop your brand. Most customers have become used to two-way messaging in their private lives, and by businesses’ embracing messaging as part of a marketing mix, it makes it easier to gauge the needs of customers more effectively. This, in turn, allows for a more efficient strategy to generate product interest as well as provide value. 

Cellfind understands the difficulty of modern times in establishing which channels best appeal to which target demographic. We also get how a multi-level approach to integrating communications and messaging would be the optimum way to manage effective management and co-ordination.

Because finding a holistic blend that effortlessly ties together the separate operations of e-mail, push notifications, SMS, social, chat and all other channels has been quite a challenge.

This is precisely how and why the Cellfind Flow-Builder product came into being. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

With the Cellfind Flow-Builder, there is now a solution for your business to integrate messaging, user management and reporting into a single web portal which, at the same time, remains cognisant of insights gained from buying trends and the behaviour of your target customers.

The Flow-Builder basics

Flow-Builder is a hosted, simple multi-service solution to complex customer communication that facilitates seamless and simple interaction with your customers, wherever they are and in the most efficient way possible.

With Flow-Builder, you can:

  • Communicate with your customers on the platform they prefer;
  • Manage and co-ordinate asynchronous messages in a cohesive dashboard; and
  • Understand customer behaviours and preferences using accurate data.

Embracing the messaging revolution comes down to a change of mindset that will allow your business to grow with your customers’ changing needs.

Go with the flow and contact the Cellfind Business Team for advice and pricing options on our Flow-Builder solution to automate your business communications today to secure your future tomorrow and beyond. 


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