WhatsApp’s ‘Quick Replies’ feature to aid business communication: Here’s how you can use


WhatsApp, the most preferred instant messaging application, has unveiled its latest feature for businesses. ‘Quick Replies’ is a feature that is meant for its Beta users.

The new feature enables users to reply to contacts with saved messages. The feature is available to select users on WhatsApp Business and it is both featured on Android and iOS systems.

The feature also allows one to create keyboard shortcuts to quickly replies. According to a
post on Wabetainfo, users have to type “https://news.google.com/” in a chat after selecting the message to send from the list.

How to set ‘Quick Replies’

  • Tap Settings on the WhatsApp Business app
  • Select Quick Replies from the Business Tools option
  • Tap Add
  • Select Enter to write your customised message
  • Tap Shortcut to create a keyboard shortcut for your preferred quick reply.
  • Select Add keyword to add up to three keywords

The ‘Quick Replies’ feature does not support media files on the web or desktop. Keywords come in handy while sorting through multiple quick replies saved in the list. Users can add up to three keywords per quick reply according to the company.

How to use ‘Quick Replies’

  • Open chat in WhatsApp Business app
  • Type “https://news.google.com/” in the text field followed by the chosen keyword for the preferred quick reply
  • After selecting the quick reply, the message will appear in the input field
  • Users can tap either Edit or Send

According to WhatsApp, quick replies whose keywords have been used in the current conversation are shown first. They are followed by the quick replies that were recently used. In case there are multiple quick replies on a select keyword, then all the replies will be sorted in alphabetical order.

The messaging application has launched a series of updates and tools to enhance its ease of use and privacy. It is also launching a privacy feature ‘My Contacts Except’ that allows users to hide their ‘Last Seen’ and profile photos from select contacts.


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