IT-BPM industry to add 1M jobs


Offsite work. WFH and  hybrid  dampened real estate demand though not as significant as the impact of the flight of Philippine offshore gaming operators. (Colliers PH photo)

The Information Technology Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) sees the potential to add another million jobs in six years, according to its president and chief executive officer Jack Madrid.

Madrid told Tech Ka Muna  on Oneph over the weekend the IT-business process management (IT-BPM) industry can increase to 2.5 million jobs in the next six years from 1.5 million at the end 2021.

The industry added  145,000 jobs last year despite the pandemic.

Based on surveys conducted by the group, as much as 90 percent of their employees prefer the hybrid setup, prompting  the industry to let as much as 70 percent of their staff work from home, according to Madrid.

Madrid highlighted how the IT-BPM industry has contributed to the job generation in the countryside.

“During the pandemic, almost 30 percent of our workforce moved to the countryside and  this is a good thing (because)  there’s a lot of talent in the provinces. We have a lot of good schools in the provinces.

Allowing employees go back to their homes to be with their families is a good thing, with less commuting time, less stress, higher productivity over attrition. I am a big fan and promoter of countryside development,” Madrid added.

Madrid cited “how indispensable the IT-BPM industry as an economic pillar to our economy.”

“We really need to internalize this 1.5 million jobs with $30 billion (in revenues and (contributing) 7 percent of GNP. This very, very significant,” Madrid said.

With the uncertainty of whether or not WFH or any other hybrid work arrangement will be allowed without diminution of incentives, Madrid said the “future of work” which allows flexibility is here.

“The tax issue is just part of a very complex set of issues… My personal view is, we’re not going to go back 100 percent (on site) …the future is already happening…it’s all about flexibility,” he added.


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