SMBs Take the Spotlight as Business Development Needs Grow


As the world’s leading B2B business matchmaking platform, Powerlinx has launched its new app for iOS and Android devices. With an enhanced user experience and more advanced global business data fueling the platform, Powerlinx is doubling down on its efforts to connect businesses around the world to proactively identify opportunities for growth.

“As we are now more connected than ever, the opportunities for expanding geographical reach, diversification of distribution channels, increasing revenue or just seeking new customers can be unlimited, but daunting and costly to look for, particularly within the SME world,” said Meir Shachar, CEO, Powerlinx.

Collaboration is at the heart of every business’s success. Long before it starts selling, a business engages with a range of partners, including manufacturers, logistic companies, import and export agents, lenders, and investors. In nearly any industry, companies have critical interdependencies, enabling them to deliver the product or services they provide. And that is where Powerlinx comes in – continuously bringing opportunities to support small businesses needs to identify and collaborate with reliable partners, suppliers and customers around the world.

To provide a real-life example how Powerlinx can help, let’s say a US-based lighting company wants to break into the Chinese high-end construction market, but dominance by distributors with a local presence made doing so near impossible. After posting a business opportunity (need) on Powerlinx, a Chinese distributor expresses interest in fulfilling that opportunity and contacts the American company through the app to bring the deal to life. 

Companies of all sizes should, and now can, have access to expansion opportunities currently difficult to uncover or act on due to geographical limitations and lack of insight into the credibility of business around the world. Bringing two parties together around reliable business opportunities enables companies to develop sustainable growth domestically and internationally.


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