Internships in healthcare sector still hard to come by for MBO students


More and more MBO students are able to complete required internships on time, after many internship programs were derailed by the coronavirus pandemic. However, this still depends on the sector, according to

At the beginning of last year, more than 20,000 necessary internship spots were unavailable for MBO students. Now, that figure has narrowed to 4,500. Students in some fields have more choices: for example, technology students have their pick of internships, while choices for healthcare placements are more limited.

“We see it less and less, but there are still students who have to make up for their internship,” said a spokesperson for the Cooperation Organization for Vocational Education Business (SBB) to

Now, almost half of the internship shortage lies in the care and welfare sector, which is currently understaffed. The remaining staff in that sector do not always have the extra time to supervise students for internships. 

“We are looking alongside schools and care organizations to see whether it is possible to offer more students a place within one care organization,” the SBB said. “This is possible in some hospitals, for example those with specially set up learning departments.”

The trade, technology and built environment sectors, on the other hand, are faring much better. The number of companies able to host MBO students has increased around 30 percent since October. Since many MBO students begin their internships in September, the SBB is optimistic about students in these sectors finding an internship placement.


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