Meet the 14 execs from Big Tech that every Wall Street firm should look to poach as they


  • As more financial firms move to the cloud, they’re also eyeing Big Tech execs with cloud experience.
  • Those experts are needed to help Wall Street manage complex cloud transitions and big-data projects.
  • Here are 14 execs who may jump from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

A turf war is emerging between two of the hottest industries — but it’s not land or market share that’s being sought after. As Wall Street increasingly moves to the public cloud, executives in Silicon Valley who specialize in the technology are becoming all the more enticing to snap up. 

While basically every finance firm is dealing with the public cloud in some way, each one appears to take a different strategy.

Some operate a hybrid architecture, using both their own data centers and ones run by public-cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Others are all-in on the public cloud.

Firms like JPMorgan Chase swear by using a combination of multiple public-cloud providers, while some lean more heavily on one strategic partner despite being multi-cloud, such as Morgan Stanley and Microsoft Azure’s relationship. 

And while public-cloud technology opens many doors — from scalable compute capacities that can be dialed up or down to ready-to-use artificial-intelligence tools — the use cases are also varied. Big-data efforts are a priority for some financial firms, as is the case with Wells Fargo’s latest data-driven customer-experience platform. Meanwhile, other firms are more focused on compute-intensive calculations for algorithmic or computerized trading.

So with Wall Street finally waking up to the cloud, it’s also primed to steal brain share from the Big Tech firms that have pioneered it. And it wouldn’t be the first time.

In the past year, Two Sigma hired away Carter Page, formerly Google’s director of engineering, as its head of data engineering. Goldman Sachs, too, poached Kamlesh Talreja, a general manager for AWS Marketplace, to co-lead asset management engineering with 20-year Goldman veteran Alex Potter. It’s not the only time Goldman has teamed up a Big Tech exec with one of its own. In 2019 the bank snapped up AWS VP of technology, Marco Argenti, to be co-CIO with George Lee, who has spent 27 years at Goldman.

Insider spoke with insiders and analyzed the LinkedIn profiles of executives and engineering leaders from Big Tech who have also spent part of their careers cutting their teeth on Wall Street to identify the most poachable among them.

Here are 14 execs who could make the jump from Big Tech to Wall Street:


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