Massive warehouses along I-4 to bring big businesses, more jobs to Plant City


Times are changing, and perhaps no place faster than in Plant City.

Two massive new buildings are going up that could have far-reaching effects on the area’s economy.

Both are under construction along Interstate 4 on Frontage Road.

The bigger of the two is City Furniture, which will have a massive showroom, a cafe with craft beer, corporate offices and warehouse space.

“City Furniture is one of those transformative projects that has such a ripple effect, not just for East Hillsborough County, but the whole region, just due to the scale of the project,” Jake Austin, president of the Plant City Economic Development Corporation, told FOX 13.

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The building is big enough to fit well over two dozen football fields inside.

It is expected to bring in 500 new jobs, with an average salary of $50,000.

Half a mile east of City Furniture is another coup for Plant City.

A warehouse that will cover more than a dozen football fields is under construction right now as well, and in the process of finding a tenant – or tenants.

“We’ve had some interest all coming from Fortune 100 companies that want to use it as a distribution facility,” said Dan Sudler of the Sudler Companies.

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Both companies say location played heavily on their decision to choose the locations they did, right next to I-4.

“A ton of cars driving by, seeing that building and saying, ‘Wow! They probably have everything under the sun. Let’s visit that store,'” explained City Furniture CEO Ryan Cronin.

City Furniture is expected to open before Christmas. The other warehouse space will be ready in a few weeks.


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