Meeting of intl. business development opportunities held


TEHRAN – A meeting to introduce international business development opportunities by entering the European market was held on Sunday.

With the support of the international science and technology interaction center of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and in cooperation with the Permanent Exhibition of Iranian Technologies and the official agent of Iran in Portugal, the meeting was held with the aim of supporting knowledge-based companies and helping to develop the market for Iranian products in European countries.

Iranian knowledge-based companies have now found their export markets in 70 countries around the world. The meeting was held with the approach of the technological fields of creative industries, marine industries, fisheries, agriculture, and ICI, ISNA reported.

Topics such as “introducing European market capacities for knowledge-based and creative companies without the need for a physical presence in Europe”, “how to develop a business by establishing a foreign branch with a representative office”, and “obtaining capital and legal registration of companies”, and “trademark registration, patents, and specialized standards” were discussed at the meeting.

Iranian knowledge-based products hit markets in 70 countries

Iranian knowledge-based companies marketed their products in 70 countries, and in some global markets have overtaken European and American companies, Siavash Maleki, deputy head of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, has said.

The number of knowledge-based companies has exceeded 6,800, he stated, emphasizing that half of them are active in the field of electronics and electricity.

Last year, knowledge-based companies gained about $800 million in revenue from export, and in the current year (started March 21), it seems to reach over $1 billion, he noted.

These knowledge-based companies have now found their export markets in 70 countries around the world. In some markets, they have been able to overtake European and American companies, he emphasized.

Today, the country’s knowledge-based ecosystem accounts for more than 3 percent of GDP, he also said.

Exporting technological products of Iranian knowledge-based companies is one of the important and key programs of the vice presidency for science and technology, and in this regard, the Iranian houses of innovation have been set up in several countries to develop the global market for knowledge-based products.

These centers have already been set up in countries such as Russia, Turkey, China, Syria, Kenya, Armenia, and Iraq.



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