Alpena trucking company sees improved worker retention


News Photo by Michael Gonzalez
One of the C & S Carrier trucks in the company’s lot is seen in this recent News photo.

ALPENA –Summers are a busy time for C & S Carriers since they supply liquid asphalt for road pavement and other construction. Fortunately, officials said the company is having an easy time keeping its crew of 30 drivers filled.

The company gave employees a 25% pay increase and improved benefits last fall. The owners also make sure newer drivers are given easier work hours to spend time with their families.

Vice President and Co-owner of C & S Travis Konarzewski said the improvements have given his company a good name in the truck driving community. Konarzewski said he bought the company from his uncle and grandmother with his wife.

“We treat the people that we do have really well, and that word seems to spread amongst the trucking community,” he said. “Most of the people that we hire seem to be, you know, word of mouth that has come from some of our previous employees.”

The Konarzewskis have owned the company for three years and said employee recruitment and retention have been better than ever since the pay increase and workplace changes, they said.

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