Here’s How Healthnovo Plans to Improve Healthcare in Rural Sectors of Maharashtra |


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India While the start-up ecosystem did exceptionally well in the pandemic, the enterprising citizens played a crucial role in growing investor confidence. One such journey was endured by Healthnovo, an exciting healthcare startup with a mission to promote a proactive approach towards affordable healthcare in the community.

While the pandemic also brought in certain challenges with respect to curating an increasing number of clinics, the startup was still able to cater to over 5,000 patients in a very short time. Talking about the journey, Abhay Deshpande, Founder – Healthnovo said, ”It has been an exciting journey as Healthnovo leaps forward and scales new heights. We reached milestones when it comes to establishing our First Mile Clinic (FMC) franchise across Maharashtra.” ”The concept works! We were able to raise the first rounds of investments through the same,” added Rima Sunit, Co-Founder – Healthnovo, who also talks about exploring other avenues like conducting health camps and venturing into other innovative healthcare options.

With a small but dedicated team of over 20 people, Healthnovo and its stakeholders are on a mission of developing a healthy ecosystem, especially in the rural parts of Maharashtra. ”The rural sectors remain untapped. There is huge potential in the interiors of Maharashtra,” added Abhay Deshpande, who is also a veteran in the healthcare industry.

On the road not taken, Rima added, ”It is very satisfying to see how leaving a corporate job and starting up, though with a great amount of uncertainty, has fulfilled the life objective of making an impact in the society.” With the aim to set up over 1,000 FMCs nationally, the young startup is all set to scale new heights. To View the Image, Click on the Link Below: Abhay Deshpande and Rima Sunit of Healthnovo speak about the rise in healthcare facilities post the pandemic PWR PWR

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