SCA FINANCE [SCA] Announces a Strategic Partnership With Containerz & PRWireNow


Stockholm , June 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SCA FINANCE, A Triple Passive Income project with unlimited liquidity injection with crypto mining. SCA Finance is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Containerz & PRWireNow.

The SCA Platform is a new era where the real world meets decentralized finance, integrated with the TradFi utility – Secured Capital Asset Infusion [SCAI], allowing holders to earn passive income by simply holding.

A Real & Physical Liquidity Injector, The Crypto Miner – Secured Capital Asset Infusion, has been developed to enter the cryptocurrency world as the first decentralized TradFi utility to provide users with a generous amount of passive income. 

Through the NFT marketplace, the users will be able to experience the first automated rewards in the DeFi world – by simply just holding. Besides delivering the best passive income rewards, SCA also empowers its users to stake their tokens with their staking protocol with a dynamic staking reward system in the native token [SCA]. With the Liquidity Pool increasing daily with the help of the miners, SCA Finance will be able to increase the staking rewards greatly.

SCA’s Standing Features :

●A Liquidity Injector [Secured Capital Asset Infusion] The miner allows real-time liquidity injection and NFT rewards by simply holding. This is the strongest utility and makes the project extremely sustainable.

●SCA Token and NFT Staking: Invested tokens can be used in SCA’s staking protocol which will increase your total of holdings by the minute.

●Exclusive Launchpad: Using a unique technology has allowed SCA to create their launchpad, which removes the need for developers by entrepreneurs who want to create their DeFi project.

●Liquidity Loan System: Many projects struggle with filling the presale during bad market conditions or the lack of knowledge around marketing. SCA Finance is creating a pool for new projects with a very small interest rate for new projects with an automated liquidity locker to make launching projects ease.

●Multi-Link Chain: The accessibility of tokens through the entire DeFi network is a struggle for many. Therefore, SCA Finance has engineered such an advanced yet simple system that uses an oracle server to make it possible to make transactions through all EVM-supported blockchains. 

●Collaboration with Solidity.Finance and Contract Checker for $SCA smart contract audit. 

●SCA owner is KYC’d and Doxxed by Contract Checker’s KYC program.

About SCA Finance

SCA (Secure Capital Asset) is a passive income utility project based in Sweden & the United Kingdom to revolutionize the DeFi space into something that benefits everyone. To turn decentralized finance into a peaceful investment space where an entry point doesn’t matter. 

In the world of SCA, NFT Technology is optimized so that users can feel the possibility of owning valuable digital assets during the journey. More than just a passive income utility, the development team has also introduced a revolutionary launchpad platform, making it possible for anyone to create their crypto and utilize SCA’s utilities. SCA Finance can proudly announce that they will be the first project that can not die – Even If Everybody is Sold!







About Cointainerz

Containerz provides turn-key crypto-mining containers where they design and manufacture ASIC or GPU mining containers. Their mobile data centres are easily transportable anywhere in the world, designed for optimal air performance and industrial-grade electricity components.

These mining containers are a plug & play solution to start the mining operation in the blink of an eye. 

Cointainerz is a professional team where everybody has his speciality. They have been active in the crypto mining business since 2017. Cointainerz miners are completely building “in-house”, and tailor-made to everyone’s specific needs. There are two production sites worldwide, one in Europe (Belgium) and the other in South America (Argentina).

About PRWireNow

PRWireNow, A Digital PR Agency, provides exclusive services to crypto and blockchain startups. The agency has been active for the last few years and has operated on the frontlines of the crypto newswire business. An experienced team manages the agency with long-established media connections.

PRWireNow helped 100+ founders and companies to launch over 250+ incredible crypto projects through organic news coverage and press release distribution. The company believes that the best digital PR solutions are built at the intersection of business strategy, technology, and industry user needs.



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