Tracy Benson is the Entrepreneur Fund’s business developer for the Arrowhead


The mission of the Entrepreneur Fund is “to actively partner with entrepreneurs to create growing businesses, thriving communities, and a diverse regional economy.” Working for the Entrepreneur Fund to fulfill that mission is Tracy Benson of Grand Marais.

Benson became a business developer with the Entrepreneur Fund in August 2021. She explains that the Entrepreneur Fund recognizes that small businesses are region’s “economic driver” and the fund works to keep the small business community thriving.

There are a number of offerings from the Entrepreneur Fund, from planning a new business to expanding an existing business. The Entrepreneur Fund offers microloans, but Benson notes that what is valuable is the assistance that comes along with the loan.

She says a business owner needs to be able to focus on what they are selling or the services they are offering. She says not everyone is an expert at profit and loss statements or website development. That is where the Entrepreneur Fund comes in.  Business developers like Benson can help make sense of it all.

Benson will work with Steve Surbaugh, a local advocate of the organization, who she says “has been the face of the Entrepreneur Fund.”

She will also work with Small Business Development Center Consultant Pat Campanaro. Benson notes that some of the services their organizations offer are similar. She looks forward to collaborating with Campanaro. She says that is the beauty of the Entrepreneur Fund; it helps businesses find the resources they need and helps make those connections.

Anyone who would like to learn more about the Entrepreneur Fund is encouraged to contact Tracy at 218-264-6200 or by email:



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