Division of Vocational Rehabilitation employees receive awards


Tanya Ide of the North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s Minot office received the Director’s Award for Excellence at a training conference in West Fargo. Mercedes Drechsel and her colleagues in the Minot office received the Exemplary Service Award at the same conference.

According to information provided by the division, peers nominated Ide for the award for demonstrating dedication, productivity and dependability while managing office operations, training new staff and providing excellent customer services to both businesses and individuals with disabilities. Drechsel and her colleagues were awarded for providing outstanding case service to clients through creative thinking, direct work with multiple agencies and consistent client follow-up.

Minot office employee Cindi McGovern and Devils Lake office employee Samantha Reese were both named Rookie of the Year at the conference. This award honors a DVR team member who has less than two years of service, exceeds performance goals and displays a high level of community service and involvement.

The DVR Team Participation Award was presented to the Minot office for its involvement in community activities on behalf of the division.

Division staff provide assessments and counseling to help individuals with disabilities to identify strengths and goals, connect individuals to training, education, assistive technology and supportive services and provide job placement assistance.

To receive DVR services, individuals must have a disability that is an impediment to employment, and they must want to work and be available to work. Many of the individuals served have a physical or cognitive disability.

DVR also connects North Dakota businesses to qualified prospective employees who can meet their workforce needs and can help businesses can retain employees affected by disabilities and find solutions to other disability-related issues.

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