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Study: ‘Green’ recovery proves better for climate, economies


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Just as countries begin to ease lockdown restrictions and seek ways to revive their broken economies, a new study suggests a greener path to recovery. 

The study’s authors — a group of climate experts and economists — analyzed more than 700 economic stimulus plans created during or following the 2008 financial crisis, the most serious global economic downturns since the Great Depression. 

They discovered that green policies such as those that support renewable energy and energy efficiency resulted in greater immediate economic benefits and higher long-term savings compared with traditional stimulus packages.

The study comes a week after world leaders met virtually for the international summit known as the Petersberg Climate Dialogue,
where German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged governments around the world to include climate action in their coronavirus fiscal stimulus packages.

Though global emissions are on track to drop by nearly 8 percent this year, the threat of climate change has not suddenly
vanished. Experts caution that once life returns to normal, emissions…

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