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Roam unveils new EV bus model to tap Kenya’s mass transit sector | TechCrunch


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Kenya-based EV startup Roam has unveiled a new shuttle bus model dubbed Move, coming as the East African country continues to push for the adoption of electric vehicles.

Roam (formerly Opibus) now plans to ramp up its production of the Move bus, and expand its charging infrastructure as it anticipates a growth in EV bus demand following Kenya’s acceleration of electric vehicle adoption, against the backdrop of skyrocketing fuel prices, and calls for a switch to sustainable transport options.

Roam will deliver 50 Move buses by February next year, and expects to churn out 40 units a month at full production capacity. The 42-seater buses, with a range of 200 kilometers, are assembled locally with parts sourced from China, and will cost $135,000. The bus can also be built to carry 52 people.

Roam, which designs its own buses, says it builds them in line with local requirements, including high ground clearance. “Building the body locally also enhances our design offering; we can move the door, build more boot space, accommodate preferred window fittings,…

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