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Nature meets culture: Athletes with a climate cause, postcards for the planet and more

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It can be hard to connect with nature in our daily lives. But with a little help, you can find nature everywhere. With that in mind, here’s some recent arts and culture news to help bring nature to life for you, wherever you are.

1. Athletes hustling to stop climate breakdown 

Running a marathon is hard. Running a marathon during a record-breaking heatwave is downright dangerous

As climate change accelerates, this scenario is becoming an increasing concern — which is why athletes of all sports have a part to play in ending the climate crisis, says Conservation International CEO M. Sanjayan on a recent episode of the TRAINED podcast by Nike.

Hosted by Nike’s Editorial Director Jaclyn Byrer, this podcast typically explores techniques for becoming a better athlete or increasing your personal fitness. On this special episode, Byer invites Sanjayan and American marathon runner Joan Benoit Samuelson to discuss the impact climate change is having on athletes — and how human health is connected to the health of the planet. 

An avid outdoorsman, Sanjayan has witnessed climate…

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