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How to Keep Your Kitchen Cool During a Heatwave

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Another month, another string of blisteringly hot days. September is off to a menacingly hot start with temperatures well into the 90s or even reaching triple digits in many parts of the country. Heatwave or no heatwave, the kitchen is a central artery for most homes, but firing up the stovetop and oven during warm summer months can make things even more uncomfortable. If you’re dealing with a case of hot box kitchen, there are ways to keep that essential room from overheating without abandoning it completely and ordering takeout.

In the midst of a summer heatwave, you may feel the urge to forgo cooking altogether. These tips for keeping the kitchen cool on particularly hot days will allow you to keep your breakfast, lunch and dinner routine intact. 

Not only will manually regulating heat in the kitchen save you some sweat and sanity, but it’ll save you some money on your air conditioning bill, since you won’t have to crank it as much to counterbalance. 

Here are nine simple ways to keep your kitchen cool during a summer heatwave.

1. Prepare instead of cook

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