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This Lesbian Monkey Love Triangle Tells Us Something Really Interesting About Darwin’s

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Natalia Reagan: Animal Tracks Inc is located about 40 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. This animal sanctuary takes in former exotic pets and entertainment industry animals and gives them a new lease on life. The menagerie includes several capuchin monkeys, kangaroos, wolf hybrids, a baboon named Chrissy and my BFF, a six-banded armadillo called Frank the Tank.

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Reagan: And you might find something else at Animal Tracks.

[CLIP: Monkey sounds]

Reagan: That is the sound of a lesbian monkey love triangle: three monkeys, two species and one helluva love story.

I’m Natalia Reagan, a primatologist and science comedian, and you’re listening to Science, Quickly.

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Kline: Bailey is a top. Haley is a power bottom. Maci is a flip— she’s a flipper; she can do both! [laughs]

Reagan: That’s Michele Kline, an animal caretaker and volunteer at Animal Tracks. She’s talking about the stars of this primate love triangle: three female capuchin monkeys named Bailey, Haley and Maci.

Now, as scientists, when we…

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