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Ahead of climate talks, a crucial voice is missing

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In early December, world leaders will gather in Paris to hammer out a pact to confront climate change.

But one voice representing nearly 75% of the Earth’s surface is being left off the agenda: the ocean.

This has drawn the attention of renowned ocean champions such as Dr. Sylvia Earle, oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, who is calling for a voice for oceans at climate change negotiations.

Giving decision-makers the benefit of the doubt, how can they begin to combat climate change across the world’s vast oceans? One way is by better understanding the links between major climate-induced impacts.

Assessment tools like the Ocean Health Index provide insight into overall pressures on oceans, including climate change, and offer a clear way forward for policies
to relieve those pressures.

The Index defines a healthy ocean as one that sustainably delivers a full range of benefits to people both now and in the future. It is the first assessment tool that both measures and communicates key elements from all dimensions of the ocean’s
health using 10…

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