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Nature meets culture: A whale’s world, a cure for climate fatigue and more

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In an age of lockdowns and social distancing, connecting with nature is not easy for most. 

With that in mind, here are a few shows, podcasts and more that can help bring nature to life for you, wherever you are.

A glimpse into the humpback whales’ world 

Each summer, Antarctica’s frigid waters become the foraging grounds for one of the largest species on Earth: the humpback whale. 

Once on the brink of extinction, this iconic species has made a steady comeback in recent years following a ban on commercial whaling

Shot in February 2020 by wildlife filmmaker Richard Sidey, a recent Conservation International film chronicles the whales’ road to recovery — and follows a research expedition throughout Antarctica’s waters, where scientists are working to better understand humpback whale behavior. 

Using drones to minimize sounds that might distress or distract the whales, Sidey and the team captured rare aerial views of the whales’ feeding behaviors and photographs of their tails cresting out of the water, which help identify and track them across entire oceans. 


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