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Dipp uses AI to fix bottlenecks between marketing and design teams | TechCrunch

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Before founding dipp, Jennifer Chen and Mikhail Abramov spent 15 years working as art directors in New York City. During that time, Chen says they realized that the marketing, sales and design process have stayed the same, despite new technology and tools being introduced to the market, and is often riddled with bottlenecks.

“Salespeople have sales needs, they communicate with the marketing team and then once the marketing team has a direction they brief a designer, then the designer goes back to the marketer, and then the marketer goes back to the designer,” she said. “There’s that vicious cycle that slows down the entire process because nobody understands the needs and workflow of the other department.”

Dipp was launched three years ago to automate much of that workflow, and allow marketing and design teams to collaborate more effectively, while focusing on their own performance metrics. For example, if a marketing team wants to update a price on their ad, all they need to do is enter it into a spreadsheet instead of asking a designer. The Taipei-based startup…

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