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What drives deforestation — and how can we stop it?

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This summer, dangerous heatwaves have shattered records around the world. The extreme temperatures would be “virtually impossible” without human-caused climate change, according to an ever-growing body of research.

As countries struggle to respond to the sweltering weather, a new study provides the largest and most comprehensive review yet of how to stop deforestation — a major cause of climate-warming greenhouse gases, second only to fossil fuel emissions. Led by Conservation International climate economics expert Jonah Busch, the research distills findings from 320 peer-reviewed studies that focus on what’s accelerating deforestation and how to prevent it. 

With international efforts to conserve nature and fight climate change gaining ground, Busch said he hopes the study’s findings serve as a roadmap for protecting forests, “one of our best allies in reducing emissions and cooling a rapidly warming planet.” 

“World leaders have committed to fight climate change by halting and reversing deforestation by 2030,” he added. “This new study can help guide policies…

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