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Researchers jailbreak a Tesla, the FCC fines robocallers and WeWork finds itself in

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Welcome, friends, to TechCrunch’s Week in Review (WiR), the newsletter where we recap the week that was in tech. For those new to WiR, think of it as a digest of stories and pieces that topped the charts over the past five days or so.

In this week’s edition of WiR, we cover researchers figuring out a way to “jailbreak” Teslas, the domain name switching hands and the FCC fining robocallers. Also featured are stories about WeWork’s perennial struggles, Google’s Messages app fully embracing RCS, and spyware maker LetMeSpy shutting down after a massive data breach.

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Jailbreak your Tesla: A group of researchers say that they’ve found a way to hack the hardware underpinning Tesla’s infotainment system, allowing them to get what normally would be paid upgrades — such as heated rear seats — for free. Lorenzo has the story. switches hands: A few months back, OpenAI seemingly purchased the domain in order to redirect it to the…

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