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Key Amazon summit ends with shared vision, but no common goal to end deforestation

Eight Amazonian nations on Tuesday agreed to create an alliance to protect the world’s largest rainforest, following decades of rising deforestation and warnings of a “tipping point” that could alter the ecosystem — and Earth’s climate.

Meeting at a summit in Brazil, the nations agreed on initiatives to conserve the Amazon rainforest, however, they were not able to agree on a common goal to end deforestation, instead leaving it up to each individual country to set its own deforestation goals, Reuters reported.

“How we remember this summit ultimately depends on what we do next,” said Rachel Biderman, who leads Conservation International’s programs in South America. “We will need to work in radical collaboration, under full transparency, to marshal resources to the region. We will have to set out specific targets, under rigid timeframes, across sectors.” 

Biderman pointed to the Amazon’s many Indigenous peoples and local communities as critical allies in the effort. 

“We must follow the lead of the traditional, Indigenous, African descendants, and other local…

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