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3 things our experts loved in March

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Editor’s note: Conservation International is powered by 1,500 people in more than 30 countries — their interests, like their hometowns, are all over the map. In this new monthly feature, we highlight three things that kept our experts busy while off the clock.


“The Last of Us”

Carly Siege at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference

“The video-game-to-television pipeline has never had a win like this. The Last of Us, HBO’s latest hit, managed to reach new audiences with a real-world hook: climate change. The series focuses on a global pandemic caused by a fungus that
adapts to rising temperatures — allowing it to survive and thrive inside the human body, creating fungal zombies.

Every day at Conservation International, we see the wide-reaching consequences of climate change — from nature loss and resource scarcity to malnutrition and zoonotic disease.  The show is a stark reminder of what can happen when the world ignores the repeated warnings of scientists.

To viewers, many of the tropes will feel familiar: a scrappy young heroine, her haggard warden, a…

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