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Torrent of Water From Alaska Glacier Floods Juneau

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Residents in Alaska’s capital, Juneau, were urged on Monday to stay away from the Mendenhall River after flooding from a glacier destroyed two buildings and eroded riverbanks in the city over the weekend. Local officials declared a state of emergency.

Water released from Suicide Basin — an ice-covered depression near the Mendenhall Glacier, which is about 13 miles from the city — caused the Mendenhall River to flood on Saturday.

Floodwaters have been receding since the burst, according to the National Weather Service, but officials have warned residents to stay away from the river banks.

“Although flooding is no longer expected to pose a threat, hazards persist in and near the Mendenhall River,” the Weather Service warned. “Please continue to heed remaining road closures,” it said, adding that residents should “stay out of the river and away from unstable banks.”

Water levels peaked on Saturday night, reaching 14.97 feet, according to Juneau’s Engineering and Public Works Department, exceeding a 2016 record of 11.99 feet.

Two buildings completely collapsed into the…

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