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Bulb Becomes a Flashpoint as the Sun Sets on Incandescent Lights

The switchboard at, a (pretty self-explanatory) e-commerce website, lit up with panicked callers on Tuesday, who all wanted to know if the news was true.

Had the government just banned the sale of incandescent bulbs?

Yes, mostly.

Was this decision part of an elaborate political plot?

No, mostly.

Just what were fans of incandescent lighting supposed to do now?

EBay, maybe?

Much like its cousin, the gas stove, the humble light bulb has become a flashpoint in a cultural squabble between environmental regulatory efforts and the very American impulse to do whatever one wants in one’s domicile. But unlike the gas stove debate, which grew so heated (sorry) that it drew legislation from Republicans hoping to protect the noble but possibly dangerous appliance, the ban on the sale of most incandescent bulbs went quietly into effect on August 1. (The Biden administration denied trying to ban gas stoves.)

The response to the bulb ban was more of a whimper than a battle cry.

“Thomas Edison brought the incandescent light bulb to the masses, and in 2023 Joe Biden banned it in…

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