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Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon Pledge AI Safety and Security at White House

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Seven tech giants have made a “voluntary commitment” to the Biden administration that they will work to reduce the risks involved in artificial intelligence.

US President Joe Biden met with Google, Microsoft, Meta, OpenAI, Amazon, Anthropic and Inflection on July 21. They agreed to emphasize “safety, security and trust” when developing AI technologies. More specifically:

  • Safety: The companies agreed to “testing the safety and capabilities of their AI systems, subjecting them to external testing, assessing their potential biological, cybersecurity, and societal risks and making the results of those assessments public.”
  • Security: The companies also said they will safeguard their AI products “against cyber and insider threats” and share “best practices and standards to prevent misuse, reduce risks to society, and protect national security.”
  • Trust: One of the biggest agreements secured was for these companies to make it easy for people to tell whether images are original, altered or generated by AI. They will also ensure that AI doesn’t promote discrimination or bias, they will protect…

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