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RealClimate: Unforced variations: July 2023

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In Re to

Dear Piotr,

Many thanks for your reply, as well as for your reaction

to my post of July 19.

Let me comment on your objections.

1) Gaps in understanding and unwillingness to read and/or accept arguments

I apologize for the gaps in my understanding. They are the reason why I am asking my questions. As regards the objected ignorance, I can only say that I strive to read all replies posted by my opponents thoroughly and think about them. As far as I find time, I strive to read the relevant literature as well.

On March 30, in my very first post on this site ,

I referred to two articles – one that deals with modelling of the water cycle intensity influence on global climate, and another one asking questions if the present models are suitable for such…

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