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Australia news live: Albanese says he and Chris Hipkins ‘have not looked at’ a

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Albanese says he and Chris Hipkins ‘have not looked at’ a trans-Tasman passport

Next up, Albanese steps up and calls New Zealand “friends, family and neighbours”. He mentions the increased ease for New Zealanders to “call Australia home”, saying the change is “long overdue”.

But we jump to questions next, and Albanese is immediately asked if a “trans-Tasman passport” is on the agenda:

We have not looked at trans-Tasman passport but what we’re looking at though is making a seamless experience of going through from country to country.

That might look at, for example, how smart gates can operate and be complementary. Before you get on a plane in either country it is already recognised that you are OK to come in. And therefore you can just go through smart gates in a seamless way and in a timely way as well.

We have many business opportunities between us and the fact that business people will go from country to country regularly, what we want to make sure is that that experience is the best it can possibly be. And the efficiencies can be gained by doing so.

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