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What Phone-Makers Need to Learn From the Motorola Razr Plus’ Cover Display

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Motorola kicked off the clamshell foldable era of phones with the Razr in late 2019, an exciting yet pricey device with a few flaws. But months later, the Samsung Z Flip launched with a better folding experience and slightly lower price: $1,380 vs. $1,400 for the Razr. In the years since, the two brands have released several clamshell designs, in attempting to outdo the other.

Nearly four years later, the new Motorola Razr Plus once again takes the lead in design with its “Peek Display” that spans half the outside of the device. A bigger exterior display gives you more room for apps and features, but it’s not just about size — all that extra screen real estate is useless if you don’t have intriguing ways to use it. The interactions need to suit the outside screen, like a shortcut or a preview. And, to Motorola’s credit, the company did just that.

Phone-makers can also take away subtle hints from Motorola’s journey iterating the Razr, like the features it chose to develop and the design quirks the brand quietly jettisoned over several released phones. 

Here’s what brands should…

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