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Michael Moritz moves on, bookmarking a long chapter at Sequoia Capital | TechCrunch

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Michael Moritz, the journalist-turned-VC who has long been one of the most prominent and respected investors at Sequoia Capital, has left firm to “deepen his advisory relationship” with Sequoia Heritage, the wealth management unit he spun up in 2010 with longtime Sequoia colleague Doug Leone and on whose board he has sat for years.

The move is effective immediately. In a note to LPs that we obtained earlier, Sequoia’s global managing partner, Roelof Botha, said Moritz will continue to represent Sequoia Capital at a handful of companies but that those seats will be “transitioned” to other partners over time.

A source familiar with the firm said the development was not socialized within the partnership far in advance of its announcement to Sequoia’s investors because Moritz long ago relinquished his day-to-day responsibilities. Indeed, he stepped down from an active management role in 2012, telling investors then that he’d been diagnosed with a “rare medical condition which can be managed but is incurable” and explaining that he’d been told that “in the…

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