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2023 look ahead: Conservation finance looks to private capital


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The recent United Nations biodiversity and climate summits ended with major commitments for stemming climate change and stopping the loss of biodiversity, including a landmark agreement to protect 30 percent of Earth’s land and seas by 2030. As nations now turn to implementing these ambitious goals, there’s one persistent sticking point: funding. 

Looking ahead to the issues shaping 2023, Conservation News sat down with Conservation International’s Finance Innovation Fellow Adrienne Cleverly and Vice President of Carbon Finance Chris Zink to discuss how to harness both private and public investment to halt climate change and biodiversity loss.

What’s on your radar in 2023?

Adrienne Cleverly: One question that’s looming large is around funding the commitments made at the U.N. biodiversity and climate summits. On the climate front, governments agreed to establish a fund to help developing countries adapt to and prepare for climate disasters. On the biodiversity front, countries reached a major breakthrough to protect 30 percent of the planet by 2030. 

Financing is a…

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