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Tesla announces first Cybertruck build ahead of Q2 earnings

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Tesla over the weekend said its first much anticipated Cybertruck came off the electric vehicle maker’s production line in Texas. The debut of the long-delayed, futuristic-looking pickup truck comes in the lead up to Tesla’s second quarter 2023 earnings call.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first introduced the Cybertruck in 2019, but vehicle production has repeatedly been delayed. The truck was initially scheduled for production and delivery in 2021, but Tesla has pushed back the timing since then, citing shortages in sourcing components.

In July 2022, Musk set a new production schedule for summer 2023. During Tesla’s first quarter 2023 earnings call, the executive also promised to host a delivery event for the Cybertruck towards the end of Q3.

Musk said at Tesla’s 2023 annual shareholder’s meeting in May that the automaker could deliver between 250,000 to 500,000 units per year once production begins. Mass production is scheduled for the end of this year.

Analysts will be on the lookout Wednesday during the automaker’s Q2 earnings call for firmer…

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