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How We Test Products and Services

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For more than 25 years, CNET has built a reputation as the premier source for trustworthy, no-nonsense reviews on everything tech – from phones to TVs to laptops to tablets to streaming services. If you can snap a picture with it, watch it, type on it or subscribe to it, chances are we’ve reviewed it. 

In addition to every type of technology device, we’ve expanded over time to cover home products, energy providers, health and wellness, broadband services and personal finance choices, evaluating everything from meal kits to solar panel companies to mattresses to hearing aids to electric cars and scooters. No matter what we’re evaluating, we’ll always be transparent about the unbiased and unmatched testing standards that went into our review. 

All reviews and “best list” product rankings share the same commitments to excellence: 

Independence: The products and services we recommend are independently, editorially chosen for evaluation, review and recommendation.

Expertise: Our team of experts has decades of combined experience mastering their specialities.

Hands-on tests: We unbox,…

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