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The Nothing Phone 2 and Its Flashy Lights Debut at $599

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The first Nothing Phone impressed us with its solid all round performance, its low price and of course its flashing lights. But it never officially made it to the US aside from an unusual beta program. This second-generation phone is here to change that. 

When it goes on sale in the US and the wider world from July 16, the Nothing Phone 2 will have a range of upgrades from the processor to the design. And at only $599 (£579), it’s still a relatively affordable option. Although it’s facing some increasingly stiff competition, in particular from Google. The Pixel 7A’s dual rear camera is the best you can get for the money, and its pure Android 13 software is slick and easy to use. 

While we expect the Nothing Phone 2’s Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor to deliver better performance than the Pixel 7A’s Tensor G2 chip, the Nothing Phone will need to offer more than just raw power to justify the additional cost over the Pixel’s $449 price tag. 


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