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Flexport’s Ryan Petersen joins venture firm Founders Fund as a partner

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Flexport founder Ryan Petersen has joined venture capital firm Founders Fund as a partner, as reported by Forbes earlier today.

Founders Fund confirmed the move to TechCrunch, providing the following statement from General Partner Trae Stephens: “We’ve always struggled to define the quintessential Founders Fund founder. Clearly, it’s Ryan. We’re thrilled to welcome him to the team.”

Petersen — who stepped down as CEO of Flexport last August — himself acknowledged the move on Twitter, with a tweet saying:

I have joined Founders Fund. If you are someone who’s out to get revenge after having been wronged by a previous employer or investor, a French technical founder who fled socialism to build your company in America, or a Christ-like figure of any kind, please get in touch.

Petersen also told TechCrunch via email: “I never thought about becoming a VC. When I moved to the chairman role a dozen or so VC firms reached out to me, but I didn’t entertain any of them besides Founders Fund. They are super aligned with me both in my desire to continue to support…

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