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Happy summer, friends. Today, I wrap up my turn at helming this newsletter. So, this is a thank-you card.

I became a climate reporter after many years as an international correspondent because I could see how the climate crisis was affecting everything from how people farm to how nations realign geopolitics.

It’s why I chose to anchor this newsletter for you. I wanted to show you, in short, bite-size pieces, not just the perils of global warming, but who is doing what to address it. I wanted to share with you the amazing work of my colleagues. I wanted to walk us through sometimes impenetrable debates and explain, simply, how it matters for everyday people in our everyday lives. I wrote from a place of neither hope nor despair, exactly, but from the perspective of an OK-now-what-do-we-do pragmatist.

So, for nearly a year and a half, backed up by Douglas Alteen, Manuela Andreoni, Claire O’Neill, Adam Pasick and many others who popped in to help, Team Climate Forward has unpacked things like obtuse climate negotiations in Sharm el Sheikh (“a parade of men,” as I described in…

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