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A Fight to Improve London’s Air Quality, One Vehicle at a Time


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Nick Arlett is a retired builder living in West Wickham, southeast London, and he owns a Renault Trafic van that runs on diesel fuel. If Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, gets his way, Mr. Arlett will soon have to pay about $16 a day to drive his vehicle in the city — an amount Mr. Arlett says he can’t afford.

That’s because on Aug. 29, Mr. Khan plans to extend London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to every borough of the capital in an effort to improve air quality and prevent illnesses and deaths caused by air pollution. To stop the measure from going through, Mr. Arlett is leading a campaign called “Action Against ULEZ Extension” with some 30,000 members.

“I would absolutely be immobilized,” said Mr. Arlett in a phone interview about the ULEZ expansion. Noting that he lived on “a pretty meager pension,” he added: “I can’t see anything else at the moment besides being confined indoors, because I will not be able to afford to go out.”

Mr. Arlett said many in the area were much worse off, such as older adults and disabled people whose caregivers would soon…

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