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The war is worsening the effects of climate change, Kerry says.

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BRUSSELS — The war in Ukraine is aggravating the painful effects of climate change, causing not only severe damage in Ukraine, but also distress in a wider circle that includes Africa and South Asia, according to John F. Kerry, the United States special presidential envoy for climate.

The war demonstrates how “climate change is a threat multiplier,” Mr. Kerry said in an interview on Wednesday.

When millions of people are forced to move to survive, whether in Syria, Sudan or Ukraine, that “is a cause of huge instability,” he said. And like climate change, the war is having a significant effect on strategic, health and food security, as well as on global energy.

“That’s a pretty big grouping of real threats that we’re already seeing play out in certain ways around the world,” he said.

In Ukraine, Mr. Kerry said, the Russian Army has shown “no restraint whatsoever with respect to civilian human life and the consequences of using certain kinds of weapons or cutting off certain supplies or dominating certain facilities.”

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