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Meta says it’s totally fine for 10-year-olds to wear its VR headset, probably

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Meta will soon officially permit users as young as 10 to use its Meta Quest 2 and 3 VR headsets — if their parents say it’s okay, anyway. In a blog post, the tech giant says that there’s “a vast array of engaging and educational apps, games, and more” for the kiddos, even if the jury is still out on whether it’s healthy or not. Just in time for Roblox!

The new parent-managed Meta accounts will require mom or dad’s approval to begin with, and parents will be able to control which apps preteens use and set time limits. If you want to take part, most of the info you’ll need will be available in the “family center” part of your account.

Regarding data collection, the company says “We will use information we collect about 10-, 11-, and 12-year-olds through our Meta Quest products to deliver an age-appropriate experience. We do not serve ads to this age group. Parents will also be able to choose whether their child’s data is used to improve the experience, and they will be able to delete their child’s account, including all of the data associated with…

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