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Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Wash Ashore on Gulf Coast in Texas

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Tens of thousands of fish washed ashore along the gulf coast of Texas starting on Friday after being starved of oxygen in warm water, officials said.

Park officials for Brazoria County said that a cleanup effort was underway but thousands more fish were expected to wash ashore.

Officials for Quintana Beach County Park published photos on Saturday showing scores of dead fish floating in the coastal waters.

The cause was a “perfect storm” of bad conditions, said Bryan Frazier, the director of the Brazoria County Parks Department.

Warm water holds much less oxygen than cold water, he said, and calm seas and cloudy skies in the area had stymied the ways oxygen is usually infused into ocean water. Waves add oxygen to water, and cloudy skies reduce the ability of microscopic organisms to produce oxygen through photosynthesis.

When schools of fish are trapped in shallow, warm water, they can start to act erratically as they are starved of oxygen, which further depletes oxygen in the water.

Katie St. Clair, the sea life facility manager at Texas A&M University at Galveston, said that the…

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