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Tesla Will Open Its Charging Network to G.M.’s Electric Vehicles

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General Motors said on Thursday that it would adopt Tesla technology to charge its electric vehicles, including selling models that use the plugs pioneered by Tesla.

The announcement, two weeks after Ford struck a comparable agreement, is likely to make Tesla’s plugs the industry standard and squeeze companies that are racing to build similar networks as sales of electric vehicles surge. The agreements mean that owners of Ford and G.M. vehicles will be able to use Tesla chargers, which are often the only ones available in many places and have a reputation for reliability.

“This really almost doubles access to chargers” for G.M. customers, Mary T. Barra, the automaker’s chief executive, said during a streamed Twitter conversation with Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla and owner of Twitter.

Mr. Musk said the deal “is going to be a fundamentally great thing for the advancement of E.V. adoption.”

But it may raise concerns that Tesla, which already dominates electric vehicle sales, could overwhelm competitors in the fast-growing charging business.

While G.M. gets access…

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