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Broken Phone? These Credit Cards Could Cover the Cost

On-Demand Cloud SIP Trunking

On-Demand Cloud SIP Trunking

Aside from rewards or cash back, credit cards include plenty of helpful perks that can help you save money. They can get you to your plane faster, insure your new purchases against damage and theft or help you if you run into any car trouble while traveling. And the right credit card can even save you big on your next cell phone.

A lesser-known perk included on certain rewards credit cards, cell phone protection can save you money and avoid a headache if your phone is stolen or damaged. Whether you have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, these credit cards could help avoid the hassle of paying for a replacement phone.

What is cell phone protection?

Cell phone protection is a credit card perk that can reimburse you for the cost of replacing or repairing your cell phone if it’s damaged or stolen. Each credit card issuer has different coverage amounts and requirements, but generally, you’ll need to pay your credit card bill with the card for a certain number of months to qualify.

Best credit cards with cell phone protection

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