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The Pixel 7A Raises the Bar for the Pixel 8

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We didn’t hear about the Pixel 8 at Google’s I/O conference, but the company did launch the Pixel 7A — a more wallet-friendly alternative to the Pixel 7. It’s great news for Pixel fans, since the 7A offers many of the same benefits as the Pixel 7 — such as a great camera and the new Tensor G2 processor — for $100 less. But it also makes me wonder whether Google’s A-series phones are beginning to overshadow its flagship Pixels. 

Now that Google has narrowed the gap between the Pixel 7 and 7A, it should think more carefully about its target audience for the Pixel 8. If the Pixel 7A is for those who want a basic Pixel experience without compromising on performance and camera quality, and the Pixel 7 Pro is for photography enthusiasts, then who’s the Pixel 7 for? That’s the question I’m hoping Google answers with the Pixel 8, along with some other routine improvements to software support and battery life. 

Google typically releases new Pixel phones in the fall, so we’re expecting to learn more about the Pixel 8 in a few months.

The Pixel 8 needs to stand out from Google’s next…

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